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SeaSucker Board Rack

SeaSucker Board Rack


Color: Black
Material: HDPE
Brand: SeaSucker
Item Weight: 5 Pounds

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How great would life be if you could drive to the beach every day and surf? With SeaSucker?s Board Rack, we can at least help you get the board there, even if we can?t get you time off of your job to actually spend a moment or two in the water. Our rack attaches to the roof of just about any car with our super-strong 6? SeaSucker vacuum cups. That means no clips, no bars, and no hassle. Pump the rack on and strap the board down ? it?s that easy. This rack is made to carry one or two surfboards or paddle boards. The rack consists of two 31? Starboard bars the front bar with four 6″ SeaSuckers and the back with two), a pair of bar pads and a pair 10? nylon cam-buckle straps.


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