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EasyStart Breeze Soft Starter ASY-399-X20

EasyStart Breeze Soft Starter ASY-399-X20


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EasyStart Breeze – At a Glance

  • Compatible with both RV rooftop and basement air conditioners.
  • Significant reduction of up to 75% in starting current.
  • Real-time fault detection technology is available to accurately identify and prevent issues immediately.
  • 40% reduction in enclosure size when compared to our 364 model.
  • Silences the start-up noise of your AC, Say goodbye to those bumps in the night.
  • Experience boondocking in remote areas with our RV soft starter and a portable generator!

Discover the benefits of owning an EasyStart RV Soft Starter.
The EasyStart Soft Starter is the ultimate soft starter for RV air conditioners. With its innovative adaptive learning technology, this compact and weatherproof device reduces startup current by up to 75%.

A closer look

  • The overall size of the IP65 enclosure has been significantly reduced, making it the smallest in the Easystart family of products, including the mount. (Breeze model)
  • Improved startup current reduction and product reliability are a direct result of all-new hardware and software refinement. Our advanced technology and quality controls further increase performance and longevity.
  • Our sophisticated multi-start, one-time, resettable learning algorithm is designed to optimize performance and overall efficiency.
  • Highly efficient Power Interruption and Brownout protection to prevent potential damage to compressor motors due to immediate restart attempts.
  • Our advanced intelligent short-cycle delay timer provides the necessary delay to any short-cycle restart while preventing unnecessary delay for normal-cycle restarts. This reduces any potential damage and wear and tear on the compressor motor, ensuring its longevity.
  • Precise Overcurrent and Stall detection to protect compressor motors from harmful sustained or abrupt low-voltage conditions. It’s designed to safeguard your compressor and ensure that your system remains reliable and long-lasting.




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