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Micro-Air EasyStart™ 368 Soft Starter ASY-368-X72-BLUE

Micro-Air EasyStart™ 368 Soft Starter ASY-368-X72-BLUE


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  • Perfect emergency power solution on small to medium-sized generators
  • Reduces blinking of lights when A/C starts at home
  • EasyStart Your Home or Business A/C in power emergencies
  • Be the only one on your block sleeping Cool All Through The Night after a weather disaster
  • Supports both 115 and 230 VAC motors.
  • Specialized fault checks not found in any other soft starter provide further protection for your compressor.
  • The EasyStart™368 is capable of supporting up to a 72,000 BTU (6 ton) compressor. It includes a unique water resistant and UV protected enclosure
Transparent Enclosure Dimensions:

  • 9.45L x 4.72W x 2.95H in (40L x 120W x 75H mm)

Wire Harness Length:

  • 32 in (0.8m)




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