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Cleanwaste Wag Bags Toilet Kit Pack of 6

Cleanwaste Wag Bags Toilet Kit Pack of 6


  • Kit includes: Secure puncture-resistant zip-close disposal bag, Poo Powder gelling agent
  • Complete with toilet paper and hand cleaner
  • Prevents spread of disease with no spills, splashbacks or waste contact
  • Use it, seal it and toss it as normal trash, multi-pack options
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Biodegradable double bag system approved for disposal in regular trash. Formerly called the WAG BAG, kit includes a waste collection bag pre-loaded with Poo Powder waste treatment, a zip-close disposal bag, toilet paper and a hand sanitizer. Poo-Powder gels waste and makes the waste kit spill proof. Use with the Go Anywhere portable toilet, on the ground or with any portable toilet. Available in singles. Go anywhere toilet kit.


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