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SnapPad EQ Octagon 4-Pack

SnapPad EQ Octagon 4-Pack


Our SnapPad EQ Octagon 4-Pack comes with four of our biggest, sturdiest permanent jack pads with a deep cavity designed to work with Equalizer’s 10” octagon-shaped landing feet. These configurations are commonly found on Class A & C Motorhomes. Snap on a set of EQ Octagon to your rig and eliminate all of your leveling hassles. Permanently.

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Product Specs:

  • For 10” octagonal jack feet
  • 13.25” total width
  • 8.9 lbs. per pad
  • Adds ~1” of thickness to jack foot
  • Adds 79% surface area
  • Shake tested to 50Gs
  • Temperature tested to 120 and -40 degrees F




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