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SnapPad EQ Grand Lux 6-Pack

SnapPad EQ Grand Lux 6-Pack

(2 customer reviews)


The biggest SnapPad package we offer, the SnapPad EQ Grand Lux package comes with four permanent jack pads for 10” Octagon jacks and two for the front 12” round feet. This setup is typically found on some of the biggest Fifth Wheels on the market. Snap on a set of EQ Grand Lux and take your luxury Fifth Wheel to another level.

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EQ Octagon Product Specs:

  • For 10” Octagonal jack feet
  • 13.25” total width
  • 8.9 lbs. per pad
  • Adds ~1” of thickness to jack foot
  • Adds 79% surface area

EQ Grand Product Specs:

  • For 12” round jack feet
  • 13.75” total width
  • 8.4 lbs. per pad
  • Adds ~1” of thickness to jack foot
  • Adds 53% surface area
  • Shake tested to 50Gs

Both pads shake tested to 50Gs and temperature tested to 120 and -40 degrees F

EQ Grand Lux 6-Pack Specs



2 reviews

  1. Dana H.

    Not easy to install, watch the YouTube for tips

  2. Paul Berry

    Product arrived as described.

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