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Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Total System-Grey (D115SYB )

Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Total System-Grey (D115SYB )


  • Each Includes 1 GO anywhere portable toilet, 1 GO anywhere privacy shelter, 15 GO anywhere toilet kits, 1 large transport bag for used kits, 1 backpack that stores everything above
  • One peron can set up or tear down in about a minute
  • 64″ zippered privacy door, 4’x4′ “floorless” base
  • Portable, compact and leightweight.
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Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Total System-Grey (D115SYB )

We all go to the bathroom. It’s the when and where that becomes a problem. At Cleanwaste, we design innovative, easy to use, safe products that take care of human waste in a dignified, reliable way. Solutions that are perfect for the outdoor adventurer, the soldier in the field, and the healthcare patient at home or in the hospital. No matter where life takes you, Cleanwaste has products that go where you go.


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