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Andersen Hitches Rapid Hitch 3410 Best Adjustable Ball Mount | 6 Inch Drop/Rise

Andersen Hitches Rapid Hitch 3410 Best Adjustable Ball Mount | 6 Inch Drop/Rise



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  • BEST ADJUSTABLE BALL MOUNT WITH A 6 INCH DROP AND RISE TO MAKE ALL YOUR TOWING SITUATIONS A BREEZE: Enjoy a 6″ drop and a 6″ rise, allowing you to adjust your hitch to the perfect level to make your towing quick, simple, and easy! No need to worry about borrowing someone else’s trailer and having the wrong drop!
  • ENJOY HAVING A LIGHTWEIGHT HITCH, KNOWING YOU STILL HAVE HEAVY-DUTY TOWING CAPACITY OF 8,000 LBS WITH THE 2″ BALL, AND 10,000 LBS WITH THE 2-5/16″ BALL AND A 1,500/10,000 LB RATING: The aluminum is lightweight, making the Rapid Hitch easy to move on and off… but don’t let it’s light weight fool you! The 3410 meets V5 and SAE J684 Certifications and is MADE IN THE USA.
  • ENJOY HAVING A PLATED STEEL DUAL BALL ON HAND TO EASILY GO FROM A 2″ BALL TO A 2-5/16″ BALL! Let’s face it – it’s called RAPID for a reason! Rapidly adjust the ball mount height by pulling the pin, adjust to the desired height, slip the pin back in place… and DONE! Need to change the ball size? Same thing! Pull the pin, swivel the dual ball around, and done! One adjustable ball mount hitch for all kinds of trailers and towing applications!
  • FREE ANDERSEN BUMPER STICKERS + EASY MAINTENANCE & LONGEVITY SO YOUR HITCH CAN LOOK NEW ALL THE TIME: The polished aluminum rack won’t rust, chip, or peel. No more rusty, gross-looking hitch on the end of your truck! It’s EASY to keep your hitch looking shiny and new!
  • THE RAPID HITCH 3410 FITS ALL STANDARD 2″ RECEIVERS – BUT HERE ARE SOME OTHER THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO KNOW: If you have a 2-1/2″ receiver, you’ll need a sleeve (Andersen Hitches #3800) OR check out the Rapid Hitch #3410-25. Locking Pins are sold separately (Andersen Hitches #3492).


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